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Manufacture, Design, Market and installation of acoustic products, acoustic insulation systems, and acoustical engineering services.

Absorbent materials: Coatings acoustic and acoustic Conditionings. Acoustic diffuser panels and acoustic resonators. Soundproofing insulation materials for floors, walls and ceilings. Noise barriers to shield noise from machinery in the open.
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Cabins acoustic, acoustic enclosures, audiometric booths. Metal acoustic doors, acoustic doors and firewalls, acoustic doors acoustic door sectional and large. Acoustic windows to see through them with a high acoustic performance
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Metal supports - cushions for sound insulation of vibrations caused by machinery in continuous regime. Absorbent acoustic ceilings. Conducting materials and absorbent acoustic ceilings.

Experience - Technology - Consulting - Manufacturing itself - Facilities "turnkey"



Treatment experts noise. Soundproofing, acoustic insulation, noise pollution, soundproofing for all types of premises. The team of Integral Acoustics has the expertise to solve all noise problems that may occur with its soundproofing and acoustic insulation performance for all sectors as construction, manufacturing and media and audiovisual. Design and installation of sound insulation, soundproofing and acoustic insulation. Acoustic engineering. Soundproofing. Soundproofing of premises. In the industry are really complex cases where the sound insulation of all types of machinery solve noise problems to comply with regulations.


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